How yogurt can help

Choose yogurt for improved lactose digestion

yogurt improves lactose digestion

“Yogurt with live cultures can contribute to gut health” is one of the 10 evidence-based conclusions made by the YINI board about the health effects of yogurt… learn more below

Choose yogurt for improved lactose digestion

Dairy products vary in the amount of lactose they contain. A reduced level of lactose is found in yogurt containing the two active bacterial cultures L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. These live bacteria produce lactase which breaks down some of the lactose in yogurt.

Bacteria of yogurt aid lactose digestion

The bacteria survive their passage through the gut and the bacterial lactase helps further with digestion of lactose in the small intestine.
Unlike milk, yogurt’s semi-solid state benefits lactose digestion by slowing transit through the gut.

“In countries where lactose maldigestion is common, consuming yogurt as part of one’s normal diet can reduce the risk of suffering from it.” – Dr Widjaja Lukito


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