Yogurt is a nutrient dense food

“Yogurt beyond nutrient density”: a look back in 2019

Yogurt beyond nutrient density, a look back in 2019

It’s time to look at the topic “Yogurt beyond nutrient density”, we covered in 2019! Many publications on the yogurt properties were analyzed and especially the role of yogurt as a tool to avoid malnutrition. Deep dive into this topic through a symposium organized during FENS 2019. Look back at this year of publications on yogurt beyond nutrient density.

Infographic: Switching to nutrient-rich foods for a healthier diet

It’s time to replace the ineffective system of food deprivation with one of enjoyment and to shift from a philosophy of avoidance to one of encouragement. The time has come to embrace a more positive and balanced approach to eating well, focusing on tasty and nutrient-rich foods that can bring positive health benefits.

Kick-start your day with a healthy breakfast associated with weight control

Worried about your waistline? Eating a “healthy breakfast” every day, may help you keep a healthy weight, this study suggests (Chatelan et al. International Journal of Behavior Nutrition and Physical Activities, 2018).

A weight-friendly diet during pregnancy helps keep mum and baby healthy

When you’re ‘eating for two’ it’s easy to start piling on too many pounds and after your baby is born finding yourself a few sizes larger than you were pre-pregnancy. It may be more serious than you think – too much weight gain in pregnancy can put you and your baby at risk of a multitude of potential complications (Wei et al.  Nutrition, 2019).

Concerns over dairy products and weight gain are proved unfounded

We all know that milk and dairy products are packed with nutrients, including a host of vital vitamins and minerals. But, despite a wealth of evidence showing that dairy products don’t cause children to become fat, public health advice is often unclear, say the authors of this article. Their review lays all doubts to rest (Dougkas et al. Nutrition Research Reviews, 2019).

Yogurt can be a versatile and satiating food for weight management: Summary

At FENS 2019, Prof. Barbara Rolls, Chair in Nutrition at the Pennsylvania State University delivered an interesting and engaging presentation entitled “Yogurt can be a versatile and satiating food for weight management” (Summary written by Dr Eamon Laird, Nutritionist and Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

Yogurt: Beyond Nutrient Density – Summary

Recent clinical and epidemiological research suggests yogurt has properties beyond the influence of individual nutrients, which can contribute to the prevention of diet related non-communicable diseases (Summary written by Azmina Govindji, RD MBDA Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist).

Malnutrition in an obese world: How yogurt can help?

Discover below the infographic developed for the symposium organized during FENS 2019.

YINI - can yogurt adress malnutrition - Angelo Tremblay


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