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Healthy Lifestyle & Yogurt Discussed

Discussing yogurt and healthy lifestyle

Professor Angelo Tremblay and Nutritionist Hubert Cormier talk together about the relationship between healthy lifestyle and yogurt. They both agreed to share this moment with us. Easy take home message from their exchange: yogurt consumers do seem to have healthier habits in general!

After his presentation at #yogurt2016, Professor Angelo Tremblay agreed to take questions from Nutritionist Hubert Cormier (@Hub_Nutrition on Twitter) on the meaning of Healthy Lifestyle.

First, Hubert asked Professor Angelo Tremblay to explain what is healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that fits with the health of people

Healthy lifestyle belongs to a category of notions, which appear to be self explanatory. When preparing for the video interview, Hubert and Professor Tremblay were discussing this idea extensively. So Hubert decided to make the definition of healthy lifestyle, the first question of their interview. Professor Tremblay presented healthy lifestyle as one that contributes to prevent disease. In his view, this includes healthy life practices, metabolic and physical fitness, as well as global well being.


Hubert then asked Professor Tremblay what was the most ignored health benefit of yogurt

Yogurt is a fermented food!

Hubert opened this second question by pointing out that as a registered dietitian, he often recommends yogurt to his clients. Yogurt, he explained, is great to include in a healthy diet because it is nutrient-dense. “We hear a lot of good health benefits linked to the consumption of yogurt”, he said before the camera began to roll. “So what is, from your point of view Professor, one of yogurt’s characteristics we do not think about”, he asked.

Professor Tremblay immediately refered to yogurt’s status as a fermented food. The bacteria yogurt contains, he explained, probably influence the gut microbiota. By doing so, they most certainly have an impact on our metabolic health. This impact is generally considered as a health benefit. For the time being, Professor Tremblay calls for further research to bring even more evidence on this exciting topic.


Finally, Hubert invited Professor Angelo Tremblay to explain how yogurt could be linked to a healthy lifestyle

Yogurt is related to a global healthy lifestyle

Hubert and Angelo discussed the meaning of healthy lifestyle and the importance of yogurt as a fermented food. To go beyond nutrition, as Hubert says, they had to examine one obvious question: what does yogurt have to do with healthy lifestyle? Professor Tremblay said that this relationship certainly has a symbolic aspect. Indeed, data suggests that the average yogurt consumer seems to be a more physically active person, less likely be smoker, having a healthier diet…

So it seems that yogurt consumers live a little bit differently, with healthier habits, which, in the end, is all for the best.

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