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4th Yogurt Summit, April 2016: let’s meet Angelo Tremblay

Angelo Tremblay

Angelo Tremblay is a PhD at the Department of Kinesiology at the Laval University in Canada and an expert in obesity research. In the context of diabetes prevention, he will review yogurt as a signature of a healthy diet and lifestyle.



Professor Angelo Tremblay obtained his PhD in Physiology at the Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. He is currently a professor in the Department of Kinesiology in this university. His research is mostly oriented towards the study of factors, influencing the energy balance in humans, with the intent to improve obesity management.

Recently, he has been focused on the study of non-traditional determinants of obesity such as short sleep duration, low calcium/dairy intake, insufficient vitamin intake, suboptimal feeding behaviors, demanding cognitive effort and persistent organic pollutants.

He has published over 625 scientific papers and was the recipient of awards, including the Distinguished Lecturer Award offered by the Canadian Obesity Network in 2011. He is also holder of the Canada Research Chair in Environment and Energy Balance.

Read here more about his research.

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