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Meet & Tweet in San Diego with Hubert Cormier


Hubert Cormier is a registered dietician from Canada and he’s currently enrolled in a doctoral program, that he pursues at Laval University (Quebec City). He is the author of three successful books, including his latest cookbook “Ma table festive – Yogourt” dedicated to yogurt. He will be present at the 4th Yogurt Summit at EB in San Diego.

My focus

To me, the most important in nutrition is to have fun, to discover new products and to see beyond the nutrients.

Why is yogurt interesting for you as a nutritionist?

I really love yogurt for its versatility, which I really think is one of the key drivers of yogurt consumption. You can eat yogurt alone, with fruits, with a layer of caramel sauce, with cookie crumbs, with nuts or even in a more salty way with spices, garlic and Sriracha sauce to came up with the best dip ever!

What are your main expectations of the 4th Yogurt Summit?

I want to show that yogurt is not just only a snack or part of a morning routine. It could be included in every meal, anytime!

Read here more about his book ‘Ma table festive‘.

Ma table festive_C1HI    Hubert book 2    Hubert book 3

Connect with Hubert

Instagram: @Hub_Nutrition
Twitter : @Hub_Nutrition
Facebook : Hubert Cormier Nutritionniste


Check the scientific program of the Yogurt Summit and connect with Hubert on the day of the event on #yogurt2016 

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