Fermentation benefits

Diet can influence the diversity of the gut microbiota

yogurt with live cultures can contribute to gut health

“Yogurt with live culture can contribute to gut health” is one is one of the 10 evidence-based conclusions made by the YINI board about the health effects of yogurt… learn more below

Diet can influence the diversity of the gut microbiota, which is important for health

Yogurt may beneficially alter the composition and function of the gut microbiota, and this may prove to lead to health benefits.

The gut microbiota plays an important role in digestion. It may also be essential for the normal development of the immune system and nerve function.

  • Maintaining the healthy diversity of the gut microbiota is important in preventing disease.
  • Recently, it has been proposed that there is a gut microbiota ‘signature’ that could promote intestinal inflammation and subsequent systemic low-grade inflammation, a condition that predisposes to T2D and obesity.

The composition of the gut microbiota can be influenced by our diet. Moreover, in fermented foods such as yogurt, the products of fermentation and particularly the bacteria involved in the fermentation process, can provide additional properties to the food beyond basic nutrition.
Hence, fermented foods such as yogurt are arousing research interest as potentially having benefits beyond an extended shelf life and improved texture and flavour.

Yogurt as an important part of nutrition, with great nutrient density and live bacteria - Seppo Salminen


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