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What is Greek Yogurt?

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For centuries, fermented milks have provided essential nutrients and health benefits in human diets. Milk fermentation is as simple as adding live ferments to milk, leading to dozens of popular recipes around the world. How different are they?

Get the science facts about  kefir, skyr, lassi, laban and, of course, Greek yogurt …

What is a Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a higher protein yogurt (≥5.6%) with a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

It is fermented by Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus: bacteria feed on the lactose, releases lactic acid which coagulates milk proteins and produces typical aromatic compounds.

The lactoserum (or whey) is strained out after fermentation, which differenciates it from regular yogurt and provides its consistent, velvety texture.

A greek origin and a worlwide success

« Yiaourti » is the recipe originated in Greece. Many call it also the Mediterranean-style yogurt. It is traditionally eaten as a soft savory cheese + olives, olive oil, fresh vegetables, herbs, bread… (ex. tzatziki).

Today, it is very trendy worldwide and “Greek yogurt” may have several names, around the World :

  • Straggisto (Greece)
  • Labneh (Middle-East)
  • Ymer or Ylette (both from Denmark)

Those products are using the same process with eventually different bacteria.

Nutrition and health benefits of Greek Yogurt


  • Twice the satiating protein and half the sugars found in flavored yogurt
  • Thicker, more filling texture
  • Just 100 calories for a container of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt


  • Concentrated dairy product, thus a higher nutrient-dense food
  • Including vitamin B12, only found in animal products

Muscle friendly

  • Satisfying food after workout
  • Dairy protein help regenerate muscle and repair fiber damage after workout


  • One of the front-line foods in the Mediterranean diet

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