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The benefits of yogurt for children, explained by Dr. Michele Sculati

The benefits of yogurt for children by Dr Michele Sculati - YINI

In a recent publication, a group of scientists has explored reviewed the benefits of yogurt and probiotic fermented milk for chidren

One of them is Dr Michele Sculati(PhD), a physician and a clinical nutrition specialist. Following his teams’ scientific review, Dr Michele Sculati agreed to answer a few interesting questions on:

Yogurt and probiotic fermented milk for children

  • Nutritional benefits of yogurt.
  • Yogurt’s contribution to maintaining calcium rates and the overall quality of diets among children.
  • Yogurt’s role regarding lactose digestion, metabolic profiles and gut microbiota.
  • Probiotics effects on common childhood infections
  • Potential protective effects against allergies

Take the time to watch it this interesting exchange :

Find below the graph presented during in the video focusing on the nutrient-density of yogurt:

Nutritionnal content yogurt - YINI

For more details and publications :

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