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Yogurt: a daily partner for health International symposium presents latest findings on the role of yogurt in Public Health

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That yogurt might have a beneficial effect on consumers’ health is a generally held assumption. Now recent epidemiological studies reported that yogurt consumption has positive effects on public health diseases such as obesity or type 2-diabetes.

But how exactly is this impact to be defined? Which conditions does yogurt help to prevent? What are the underlying mechanisms?

“YOGURT: A DAILY PARTNER FOR HEALTH” is the title of an international symposium, where experts are going to provide answers to these questions by presenting data from a broad range of recent studies, that show the importance of this research field for health care. Leading nutritional and medical experts are going to address the impact of yogurt consumption on weight management as well as on metabolic and cardiovascular disease risks during adolescence and adulthood. Another topic will be dietary guidelines for dairy and yogurt consumption and the growing interest in evidence-based recommendations by government bodies.

The symposium, which is organized by the Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet (YINI) will be held Monday, November 10, 2014 (5-7 pm) as part of the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition in Las Palmas de Grand Canarias (9-12 November 2014).

The program was set up by YINI and will be chaired by Prof. Andrew Prentice and Luis Moreno:

1. Yogurt as part of Healthy Diet and Weight Management : Prof. Frans Kok (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
2. Yogurt consumption and impact on cardiometabolic risk factors : Prof. André Marette (Laval University / Canada)
3. Yogurt consumption, dietary patterns and decreased metabolic diseases in children and adolescents: Prof. Luis Moreno (University of Zaragoza)
4. Yogurt and fermented milks in daily nutrition: from science to the guidelines and recommendations : Prof. Seppo Salminen (University of Turku / Finland)

The YINI press office is going to provide journalists with up-to-date press releases on the different topics of the symposium. Journalists who attend the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition are invited to join the symposium.

About the Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative (YINI)

The Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet is a multi-year global, collaborative project led by the Danone Institute International (DII) in collaboration with the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) which aims to evaluate the current evidence base on the nutritional impact of yogurt. The mission of the project is to uncover scientific data related to yogurt, stimulate new research and identify gaps in our understanding of the health effects of this food category in order to share this information with professionals and the public. http://yogurtinnutrition.com; @YogurtNutrition

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