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New must read abstract: “Toward Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems”

Toward Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems" - YINI

IN A NUTSHELL: Global and local food systems face complex challenges. There is an urgent need to achieve food systems, that are economically viable, enhance food security, prevent all forms of malnutrition and minimize further environmental degradation.

Recently published in Current Developments in Nutrition, this article based on a session at ASN 2019, provides an overview of food systems, describes four domains of sustainable food systems, and address some next steps for research collaboration.


This article is based on a session at ASN 2019 entitled “Addressing the Four Domains of Sustainable Food Systems Science (Health, Economics, Society and the Environment): What Will It Take to Harmonize the Evidence to Advance the Field?” A summary of presentations is included.

The presentations addressed the 4 principal domains of sustainability defined as nutrition/health, economics, environment, and society and the ways in which they are represented in current research. The session also introduced metrics and measures that are specific to each domain. Participants discussed next steps to move toward consensus and collaboration among scientific communities, especially those of health/nutrition science and environmental science.

Food systems may need to be restructured to ensure that the global food supply provides adequate calories and nutrients at an affordable cost. Finally, the session addressed strategies to implement research concepts and move toward policies that encourage consumers to choose healthy diets from sustainable food systems.

 Source: Drewnowski A. et al., Toward Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems, Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2020, nzaa083


 Q&A about sustainable healthy diets

Synthesis of the conference “Yogurt as part of sustainable diets: new research tools, metrics, and measures by Prof. Adam Drewnowski” (June 2019)

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