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How might yogurt influence weight and body fat?

Yogurt consumption is associated with less weight gain over time

“Yogurt consumption is associated with reduced weight gain over time” is one is one of the 10 evidence-based conclusions made by the YINI board about the health effects of yogurt… learn more below.

How might yogurt influence weight and body fat?

Several theories have been put forward on how yogurt consumption might influence weight and body fat:

  • Calcium in yogurt may affect body fat by reducing its absorption from the intestine, and causing less fat to be stored in fat cells.
  • Live bacteria in yogurt may beneficially alter the gut microbiota and influence weight, although the mechanism for this is as yet unclear.
  • Obesity is accompanied by chronic, low-grade inflammation in various tissues. A recent Brazilian population-based study suggests that increasing yogurt consumption may protect against inflammation.

“Proteins may influence appetite-regulating hormones, calcium may affect fat absorption, and live bacteria may alter gut microbiota – all of which may explain the beneficial effects that yogurt may have on body weight.” – Professor Frans Kok

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