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Yogurt benefits gut health and obesity

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A new review of the literature shows that yogurt may improve the health of obese individuals.

Dysbiosis (changes in gut microbiota composition and function), linked to obesity and metabolic disorders appears as a novel target in the management of obesity. This condition is often accompanied by chronic, low-grade inflammation consolidated by adipose tissue and the gut. Obesity-associated dysregulation of gut microbiota and a weakened gut barrier function may increase the exposure of endotoxin. There is a place for lifestyle approaches to modulate the gut microbiota in this context. Emerging evidence suggests that yogurt consumption might also improve the health of obese individuals.

Diversity of human gut microbiota is determined

Yogurt is a nutrient-dense food, containing probiotics, proteins, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, calcium and fatty acids. Including yogurt into our diet may stimulate the diversity of human gut microbiota, which improves our gut health. Consuming yogurt may also benefit the health of obese individuals, as it reduces chronic inflammation by enhancing innate and adaptive immune responses, intestinal barrier function, lipid profiles, and by regulating appetite. The study recommends randomized-controlled trials to further support these hypotheses.

Source: Pei Rui-Song (PhD. Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut, US), April 2015, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition



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