Yogurt is a nutrient dense food

How might yogurt exert its satiating effect?

“Yogurt can enhance satiety and help to manage energy intake” is one of the 10 evidence-based conclusions made by the YINI board about the health effects of yogurt. Learn more below…

How might yogurt exert its satiating effect?

Several factors may account for the satiating properties of yogurt, including nutrient content and effects on appetite-regulating hormones.

  • The high protein content of yogurt could partly account for the higher satiety effect of yogurt seen in these findings
  • Protein ‘preloading’ – in which small amounts of protein are eaten at a set time before a meal – enhances satiety and reduces appetite
  • Other factors that may influence the satiating effects of yogurt include its energy density, the way it is consumed (with a spoon or drunk), and its rate of passage through the digestive tract. The potential effects of fermentation may also play a role.
  • Yogurt may influence appetite-regulating hormones in the gut and brain. These may slow stomach emptying and communicate directly with the brain’s appetite-regulation centre.

“Yogurt promotes satiety probably because of the satiating properties of dairy proteins. Its high calcium content might also facilitate appetite control in low-calcium consumers.” – Dr Angelo Tremblay

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