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Yogurt, weight and curves

Can yogurt reduce your chances of being overweight?

There is a wide-ranging body of scientific evidence suggesting a beneficial relationship between a regular intake of dairy foods and weight, as well as body fat (8, 9). A systematic review of 22 studies suggested that yogurt consumption is associated with lower Body Mass Index (BMI), lower body weight and weight gain, smaller waist circumference and lower body fat (10).

Six cross-sectional studies have examined the relationship between yogurt and BMI. Five found a beneficial association (yogurt consumers had a significantly lower BMI than non-consumers) in females only for two of these studies (11, 12), and in both genders for three studies (13-15), while one showed no effect of yogurt on BMI (16).

HIGHT1_Digest_5In addition, in one of these studies (13), it was found that people who ate more than three servings of yogurt a week gained about 55% less weight over a year compared to those who ate less than one serving per week. When it came to waist size, higher yogurt consumers gained 20% less than lower yogurt consumers.

A Mediterranean cohort study found that high yogurt consumption (seven or more servings per week) at baseline was associated with a 20% lower risk of overweight or obesity after 6 years. This inverse association was stronger if consumption was coupled with high fruit intake (32% risk reduction) (17).

The CARDIA study (a prospective cohort study amongst a large group of young adults) showed that total dairy intake significantly reduced the risk of overweight people becoming obese. However, there was no significant association between yogurt intake per se (18).


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