FENS 2015 Berlin

YINI at FENS 2015: A story to be continued


The 12th edition of the FENS Nutrition Conference in Berlin has ended. With great pleasure, we look back to a scientific review of yogurt consumption benefits and research findings on a healthy lifestyle, weight management and diabetes prevention, presented by our experts.

Our scientific symposium today was a great success! Many thanks to you all for the support on social media and for following us at #yogurt2015. As we have obtained 344 tweets and a lot of engagement on Twitter, we can proudly state that this was an amazing edition.

Stay tuned, it’s not over yet!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but we’ll be back with more news and highlights of the event. Within a few days, our editorial team will share with you a final summary report, Q&A with our guest speakers, a dedicated newsletter, photo gallery and a detailed coverage of the presented research results.

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