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Vitamin D3 fortification of yogurt reduces inflammation in diabetics

Vitamin D3 fortification of yogurt reduces inflammation in diabetics

Daily consumption of yogurt drinks, fortified with vitamin D3, can help to improve inflammation symptoms in subjects, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Adding extra calcium showed an additional benefit for the inflammatory biomarker adipokine.

A low-grade inflammatory disease

Previous research suggest that chronic but low-grade inflammation may contribute to the development and/or persistence of type 2 diabetes. A randomized, double-blind study in Iran examined the impact of consuming a daily yogurt drink (2×250 ml) on inflammation markers. 90 participants, aged 30 to 60 years and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, tested each one of the three yogurts types for 12 weeks: a classic yogurt (150 mg calcium), yogurt fortified with vitamin D (500  IU vitamin D3/150mg calcium) and fortified with vitamin D plus calcium (500 IU vitamin D3/250 mg calcium).

Extra benefit of calcium

The results show that vitamin D fortification of yogurt improved inflammation markers.  They found a decrease in the highly sensitive C-reactive protein, IL-1β, IL-6, fibrinogen, and retinol binding protein-4 concentrations for both fortified yogurts. Adding extra calcium, showed an additional benefit only for the anti-inflammatory adipokine by acting on adiponectin, an hormone produced by adipose tissue, which contributes to regulate the metabolism of lipids and glucose.

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Reference: Neyestani TR, et al. Improvement of vitamin D status via daily intake of fortified yogurt drink either with or without extra calcium ameliorates systemic inflammatory biomarkers, including adipokines, in the subjects with type 2 diabetes, J Clin Endocrinol Metab June 2012, Vol 97(6), pg.

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