Yogurt is a nutrient dense food

The reduction in consumption of dairy products among adolescents could harm their health

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Despite its contribution to nutrient intake and status, data indicates a secular decline in dairy product consumption and a tendency to decrease intake with age.

A review of evidence has evaluated associations between milk or dairy product intake and health outcomes in children and adolescents.

Results suggest a neutral or inverse association between the consumption of milk and dairy products in children and adolescents and indicators of adiposity. Available data suggests that dairy products are important for linear growth and bone health during childhood. Consumption of dairy products, particularly cheese and yogurt, is associated with reduced dental caries in children.

Results of two prospective cohort studies also support an inverse association between dairy intake in early childhood and blood pressure in mid childhood or early adolescence. Additional research is warranted to better understand how dairy intake affects health outcomes in children and adolescents.

 Source: Dror DK et al. NUTRITION REVIEWS, 72 (2):68-81; 10.1111/nure.12078 FEB 2014

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