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Milk and yogurt intake prevent tooth erosion


High consumption of carbonated drinks or acidic snacks and sweets increases the risk of tooth erosion, while higher intake of milk and yogurt reduces the occurrence of erosion.

Researchers at the Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil) used a meta-analysis and meta-regression to study the effect of diet in tooth erosion presence in children and adolescents (8-19 years). Thirteen observational studies were selected from several electronic databases by two independent reviewers. A random-effects model was used in case of heterogeneity.

Yogurt has an anticariogenic effect

High intake of carbonated drinks (p=0.001), acidic snacks/sweets (p=0.01) and acidic fruit juices (p=0.03) increased the occurrence of tooth erosion, while high consumption of milk (p=0.028) and yogurt (p=0.002) reduced tooth erosion and demonstrates a preventive effect. Heterogeneity was observed for soft drinks, confectionary, snacks and acidic fruit juices, this might be explained by other influencing variables, such as food groups and regular tooth brushing.

Source: Salas M.M. et al., Journal of Dentistry, June 2015

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