ASN Nutrition 2021 Live Online

Meet the speakers: Joël Doré

Meet Joel Dore - yogurt in nutrition

On June 10th, 2021, a new online symposium will be organized, as sponsored satellite program of Nutrition Live Online 2021, on the topic of “Balancing planetary and human health: the crucial role of biodiversity“.

Joël Doré, PhD, will be one of the speakers at the conference. More specifically, he will talk about “Gut microbiome diversity: link between food, gut microbiota and health”.

Who is Joël Doré, PhD?

Joel Dore - yogurt in nutrition symposium 2021

Joël is Research Director at INRAE Micalis Institute “Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health” and Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis, a INRAE research unit expert in human and animal microbiome research and laureate of the national “Futures Investment” program.

Gut microbial ecologist by training, Joël pioneered intestinal metagenomics towards food-microbe-host interactions as well as diagnostic applications.

With more than 30 years of academic research and more than 220 publications (H Index 69), Joël aims to provide a better understanding of man-microbes symbiosis towards personalized preventive nutrition and precision medicine.

Joël is laureate of the ERC-Advanced Homo.symbiosus ; co-founder and scientific advisor of, a startup company dedicated to provide safe and standardized microbiotherapy solutions for the reconstruction of host-microbes symbiosis in the context of programmed clinical interventions inducing dysbiosis. Member of the BoD of GMfH, he supports the scientific web-platform.

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