ASN Nutrition 2021 Live Online

Balancing Planetary and Human Health: the program

Balancing planetary and human health - yogurt in nutrition

We invite you to assist to our coming new online event, included in the “ASN Nutrition 2021 Live Online”. The symposium will be online on June 10 2021, from 12:00 to 13:30 EDT (18:00 to 19:30 CET), on the following topic: “Balancing Planetary and Human Health: the crucial Role of Biodiversity”

planetary and human health: role of biodiversity - yogurt in nutrition


  • One Earth: Increasing evidence of the interconnection between planet, people and health – Fabrice DeClerck, Belgium
  • Gut microbiome diversity: Link between food, gut microbiota and health – Joël Doré, France
  • Soil microbiome diversity: The link between soil microbiome, plant, food and health – Heribert Hirt, Austria
  • Panel Discussion, chaired by Sharon Donovan, USA and Emeran A. Mayer, USA

Details and registration

Online access opened to all scientists registered to join the ASN Nutrition 2021 Live Online, June 7 – 10.

ASN Nutrition Live Online 2021

More information regarding the speakers to come in a few days… Stay tuned !

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