Diabetes prevention

Low-fat yogurt consumption enhances glucose homeostasis in Type 2 Diabetes


American researchers suggest that dairy consumption has a more positive effect on insulin sensitivity and pancreatic beta-cell function in men and women at risk of Type 2 Diabetes, compared to sugar-sweetened products.

A randomized controlled trial examined the metabolic effects of substituting a dairy beverage (474ml/day of 2% fat milk) and a dairy food (170g/day low-fat yogurt with no added sugar) for a sugar-sweetened beverage (710ml/day of non-diet soda) and a sugar-sweetened non-dairy-food (108g/day of non-dairy pudding) in men and women at risk of development of Type 2 Diabetes and habitual consumers of high-sugar beverages..

Insulinotropic properties of yogurt?

The results suggest that soda and pudding consumption is associated with less favorable values for HOMA2–%S and LMTT disposition index, which estimates steady state insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function, compared to baseline values and values during milk and yogurt consumption. Another study has pointed to a similar connection between fermented dairy products like yogurt and healthier insuline profile. More research will obviously be needed, but it’s certainly possible that the separate components of yogurt — probiotics or minerals — might be involved in this favorable effect in Type 2 Diabetes.

 Source: Maki K. et al., Journal of Nutrition, June 2015, Vol 145(6)

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