International Congress of Dietetics 2016

Join us at the 17th International Congress of Dietetics!

Join us at 17th International Congress of Dietetics!

The 17th International Congress of Dietetics will take place in the city of Granada (Spain) on the 7th-10th of September 2016. A new YINI symposium will aim here at rediscovering the benefits of yogurt consumption, as a simple basic food to be part of a healthy & balanced diet.

save the date YINI symposium at ICD 2016 in Granada, Spain

Are we underestimating the benefits of yogurt?

Although milk and yogurt are similar in their nutrient composition, yogurt possesses unique properties that may provide additional health benefits. These include its nutrient density, high digestibility, and bioavailability of nutrients and lactic acid bacteria, which may affect gut microbiota, and its food matrix. These unique characteristics of yogurt are blended together in harmony in such a way that it offers a benefit above and beyond the value of the inherent calcium, protein, live bacteria, whey, and so on. The whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts: yogurt is a sustainable and healthy choice in a daily diet !

Our program at a glance

Prof Lorenzo Morelli (Italy) will present a historical overview of the studies, demonstrating lactose digestion and tolerance from yogurt, in lactose-intolerant people and remind us how yogurt can benefit lactose malabsorbers. Our second speaker, Prof Luis Moreno (Spain) will explain how recent studies reveal that yogurt consumption may be the signature of a healthy diet & lifestyle. The third session will be more interactive and moderated by Azmina Govindji, RD (UK).  She will illustrate how simple yogurt swaps can improve nutrition and help saving calories and getting more nutrients. Finally, after defining what sustainability means by considering 4 complementary dimensions (environmental, economic, social and health), Prof Adam Drewnowski (USA) will discuss how yogurt can be considered as a sustainable choice.

YINI Symposium in practice

The venue will be the Palace of Congresses of Granada. To view the place, click here.

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