Fermentation benefits

In short: Yogurt and chia seeds : an interesting mix !

YINI Chia seed extract enhance yogurt's potential

A short communication published recently focused on the interest of chia seed extract to be used to supplement yogurt.

The potential of Chia seed

Chia seed (Salvia hispanica L.) is native to a region from western Mexico extending to northern Guatemala. It has been consumed for about 5500 years and has been reported to contain abundant phenolic compounds, dietary fibers and n-3 fatty acids. Previous studies have shown that chia brings potential nutritional benefits due to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective activities.

An interesting combination

The aim of the study was to analyze the effects of chia seed extracts (water and ethanol extracts) on the fermentation and  the physiochemical properties and bioactive features of  supplemented yogurt.

Results showed that chia seed supplementation had a interesting impact on the yogurt fermentation by LAB (lactic acid bacteria), with a fermentation time shortened and an increase of LAB concentrations.

It has an impact on the global aspect of yogurt (viscosity, color and texture) but also on potential antioxidant effects. Some peptides in yogurt have antioxidant activities such as inhibition of lipid perodixation and radical removal. An enrichment with chia seed extracts significantly improved those antioxidant effects in supplemented yogurt.

Source: Short communication: Kwon HC, Bae H, Seo HG and Han SG; Chia seed extract enhances physiochemical and antioxidant properties of yogurt; Journal of Dairy Science; 2019;  6 (102): 4870-4876

To go further:

Chia seeds can be very interesting in a breakfast bowl, in particular to reduce hunger and increase satiety.


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