Yogurt is a nutrient dense food

Healthy swaps for healthy snacks: manage calories!

Healthy swaps for healthy snacks - YINI

In order to adopt long-term healthy food habits, it may be good to replace the ineffective system of food deprivation with one of enjoyment and to adopt a balanced approach of eating. Let’s focus on tasty and nutrient-rich foods that can bring positive health benefits.

Healthy swaps for healthy snacks, to manage energy intake.

When it comes to snacking, some healthy swaps can allow to save calories, get more nutrients or even enjoy bigger portions !

The choice of nutrient-rich foods, like yogurt, allow to have a satisfying snack with a large portion and low energy intake. Swaping a 165 g chocolate covered ice cream bar by a 165 g plain whole milk yogurt will allow a decrease of more than 400 Kcal!

YINI Healthy swaps for healthy snacks and less calories with yogurt

For more information: discover our infographics on nutrient density, or on healthy swaps with yogurt.

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