Weight management

Enriching yogurt with lactoserum (whey) protein reduces energy intake


A number of studies have suggested that proteins, especially whey, as well as dietary fiber, can affect appetite sensations and help reduce energy consumption. This is what Doyon et al. of the University of Laval (Quebec) set out to investigate with yogurt enriched with these ingredients.

Milk protein and/or dietary fiber

In a randomized double-blind crossover study, 25 healthy men consumed a yogurt differing by casein-to-whey protein ratio or dietary fiber content (inulin and/or beta glucan). An ad libitum buffet was offered to them after 2 hours, during which energy intake was registered.

Reduced energy intake

The results do not show any difference in terms of appetite sensations. However, the yogurt enriched with whey protein results in a significantly lower energy intake during the buffet (-812 kJ). Against all expectations, the fiber-enrichments did not cause any material change in appetite sensations or energy intake during the buffet.

Source: Doyon CY et al., Acute effects of protein composition and fibre enrichment of yogurt consumed as snacks on appetite sensations and subsequent ad libitum energy intake in healthy men, Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2015 Oct, Vol 40(10), pp. 980-9.


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