“The Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative website for Healthcare Professionals” is a service provided by the ‘Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet’.

The ‘Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet’ is a collaborative project led by the Danone Institute International in collaboration with the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) which aims to evaluate the current evidence base on the nutritional impact of yogurt. The mission of the project is to uncover scientific data related to yogurt, stimulate new research and identify gaps in our understanding of the health effects of this food category in order to share this information with healthcare providers and the public.

To answer this mission, “The Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative website” is:
– a medium which makes an accurate statement upon the researches about yogurt aiming at providing support in healthcare professionals’ daily practice
– a medium to share news, innovation and up to date information with healthcare professionals on yogurt science (curation of scientific publications, reviews on various topics linked to yogurt)
– an independent, open and participatory tool for healthcare professionals interested to know more about the place of yogurt in the whole diet and its role on health.

“The Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative website” offers a selection of current topics organized around cross-cutting themes of lactose digestion, metabolic diseases, weight management, nutrient density, bone health, sociology, specific populations, nutrition economics, trends and discoveries. Each topic is enriched by a selection of articles from scientific literature, traditional media, and social media. A video playlist and a press room are also included in the website.
The publications, articles and various media are selected for publication by specialists of the scientific community checking their conformity with the regulation and the code of medical deontology.

“The Yogurt In Nutrition Initiative website” is available at https://www.yogurtinnutrition.com
The website is designed for the latest versions of Web Browsers. If you are experiencing any navigational issues, please visit the website of your navigator to check if it is the latest version.

In case you want to contact the editor, please send a mail to: contact@yogurtinnutrition.com
Last update of « About us»: September 15, 2013

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