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Yogurt may improve the health and nutrition status of the elderly

yogurt and elderly

Yogurt is abundant in calcium, zinc, B vitamins, and probiotics. It is also a good source of protein and may be supplemented with vitamin D and additional probiotics associated with positive health outcomes.

This nutrient profile is therefore of interest in relation to ageing, which is accompanied by a wide array of nutritional deficiencies and health complications associated with under- and overnutrition, such as musculoskeletal impairment, immunosenescence, cardiometabolic diseases and cognitive impairment. Furthermore, yogurt is accessible and convenient for consumption by older populations, making it a feasible option for enhancing the nutritional status of older adults.

The most robust evidence suggesting yogurt consumption may have a positive effect on the health of the elderly comes from observational studies, and indirectly from studies that have evaluated the effects of isolated nutrients and probiotics in yogurt. The results are encouraging and suggest that yogurt could play an important role in improving the nutritional status and health of older adults.

 Source: El-Abbadi NH| Dao MC| Meydani SN. Am J Clin Nutr 2014 ; 99(5) : 1263S-1270S.

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