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Yogurt in Nutrition: our mission evolves!

YINI initiative of a sustainable and balanced diet

Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative – 2020 Release

Yogurt in Nutrition, Initiative for sustainable and balanced diets

The Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative for a Balanced Diet was created in 2013, by the Danone Institute International and the American Society for Nutrition, with the goals of summarizing the existing scientific data on yogurt, stimulating new research and disseminating this information to professionals and the general public. A balanced diet is one of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle across the lifespan. Yogurt is an affordable, nutrient-rich food that provides live bacteria and is recommended as part of a healthy diet by many health authorities (EFSA[1], FAO[2]…).

We are dependent upon the food system to provide foods to sustain health, however, many current practices have significant, and often detrimental, impacts on the planet. Foods and dietary habits therefore have a great role to play to create a more sustainable future both for planet and human health.

As defined by FAO, “sustainable diets are those diets with low environmental impacts which contribute to food and nutrition security and to healthy life for present and future generations. Sustainable diets are protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems, culturally acceptable, accessible, economically fair and affordable; nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy; while optimizing natural and human resources “. For the health of the planet, each of us need to consider the foods we consume through the lens of sustainable healthy eating.

To meet this challenge, the Yogurt in Nutrition Initiative (YINI) will broaden its mission to incorporate the importance of more sustainable diets for everyone.

This new focus is embodied by a new name: “Yogurt in Nutrition, Initiative for Sustainable and Balanced Diets”, logo, and mission statement, which will be implemented in our activities, symposia and the content on our website and social networks. With this, the initiative will remain the go-to place for validated scientific facts, lifestyle and nutritional information about yogurt and healthy and sustainable diets.

Logo Yogurt In Nutrition (Yini) Initiative for a sustainable and balanced diet

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