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Yogurt consumption is associated with lower mortality

Yogurt is associated with lower mortality at 15 years among middle-aged men

Long-term observational cohorts provide the opportunity to investigate the potential impact of dietary patterns on death. Here, Bongard et al investigated all-cause death in accordance with the consumption of selected food groups, and identify those independently associated with reduced mortality.

Yogurts and cottage cheese are predictive of a lower risk of death

The study population comprised 960 middle-aged men (mean age 55.5 ±6.2 years), who were randomly selected from the general population in three French areas and followed over a median of 14.8 years. Risk of death in accordance with selected foods groups was assessed by Cox modelling after extensive adjustment for confounders, including a diet quality index. After extensive adjustment, yogurt and cottage cheese consumed in moderation were among the food groups that remained independently predictive of a lower risk of death (adjusted relative risk 0.50).

Moderate amounts of diverse food

The study also highlights a lower risk of death for other food groups: a moderate consumption of other types of cheese (RR = 0.62), and bread (RR = 0.57), and an above-median consumption of milk (RR = 0.61) and fruits and vegetables (RR = 0.68). Besides, there was a non-significant trend for a higher risk of death, associated with highest sodium intakes. The authors conclude that a diet providing moderate amounts of diverse food groups appears associated with the highest life expectancy.

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Source : Bongard V et al. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2016;70:715-722. doi:10.1038/ejcn.2016.19

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