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Yogurt: accumulated evidences about a signature of a healthy diet

Yogurt: accumulated evidences about a signature of a healthy diet

More and more studies report that yogurt consumption is associated with healthy dietary patterns. Here, Panahi et al reviewed the evidences and concluded that yogurt consumption may be considered today as a signature of a healthy diet.

Yogurt consumption, a healthy indicator

Even though the general belief is that a single food can’t produce sufficient effects to change metabolic profile, Panahi et al. note that recent studies have emphasized specific beneficial effects of yogurt consumption for different health aspects, among which body weight and glycemic control. Frequent yogurt consumption is associated not only with a higher nutrient intake, but also an improved diet quality: frequent yogurt consumers tend to be more compliant with dietary guidelines, given that they eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grain, and dairy than low or non-consumers.

Direct and indirect health benefits of yogurt

The yogurt contribution to better metabolic health could be explained, as suggested by recent epidemiological and clinical evidence, by its effects on the control of body weight, energy homeostasis and glycemic control. But in addition to the direct effects of yogurt, other indicators of a healthy lifestyle are associated with the consumption of this food category. Yogurt consumers are more physically active, smoke less, have higher education level and knowledge of nutrition, compared to non-consumers. That’s why the authors introduce this concept of healthy diet signature for yogurt consumption, through its nutritional content, impact on metabolic health, including the control of energy balance, body weight and glycaemia and its relationships with healthier behaviors and lifestyle factors.

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Source: Panahi S et al.,European Journal of Clinical Nutrition volume 71: 573–579 (2017)

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