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Yogurt, a food to help boost bone health

Yogurt: a food to help boost bone health

Selected for you this week: Why yogurt is a good food to include in your diet to boost bone health, a tip from Dr Lisa Young.
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Eating a serving of yogurt each day is a great ways to get your daily intake of calcium. Yogurt is portable, tasty, and packed with nutrients. ItĀ also contains probiotics, shown to promote gut health. Yogurt makes for a great breakfast option and also an easy snack. While Greek yogurt contains less calcium than regular yogurt, I tend to prefer it due its higher protein content helping to promote satiety, a feeling of fullness. Even if you are lactose intolerant and have a hard time digesting milk, you can probably eat yogurt without a problem.
Source: Dr Lisa Young – Posted first Huffington Post
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