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Yogurt fortified with calcium and vitamin D is more efficient in reducing bone resorption

yogurt - vitamin D - calcium

In women with a high risk of osteoporotic fractures, the consumption of yogurt fortified with calcium and vitamin D leads to better prevention of increased bone resorption than non-fortified yogurt.

This is the finding of a randomised double-blind controlled trial among institutionalised women with a mean age of 85.5 years. During the 56-day trial, the participants consumed two 125-g servings of yogurt – either fortified with calcium and vitamin D or not – as part of their daily diet. The two fortified yoghurts provided supplemental levels of vitamin D (10 mcg/day) and calcium (800 mg/day).

Source: Bonjour JP et al. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism July 1, 2013 vol. 98 no. 7 2915-2921

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