ICCR 2015 Canada

YINI Symposium at the 5th ICCR Congress in Québec, July 10, 2015

Québec City Convention Center
Photos credits: SCCQ

We warmly invite you to our symposium organized during the 5th Edition of the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR) Congress, which is now entitled “ICCR Congress on Chronic Societal Cardiometabolic Diseases”. This symposium will address the latest evidence on yogurt consumption and its impact on type 2 diabetes. It will be supported by YINI and Danone Institute Canada.

The global conference is jointly organized by the ICCR and the Réseau de recherche en santé cardiométabolique, diabète et obésité (CMDO) (Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Network). The ICCR is a multidisciplinary academic organisation based at the Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec  which is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of Université Laval  located in Québec City, Canada.

In collaboration with Danone Institute Canada, YINI will bring you the most recent epidemiological data illustrating the beneficial effects of regular yogurt consumption in type 2 diabetes prevention. International nutrition experts will review the current evidence and discuss underlying mechanisms.

 Scientific program

15:30-16:40Yogurt and Type 2 Diabetes: Overview of the Evidence
Chairpersons: Angelo Tremblay and André Marette
15:30-15:35IntroductionAngelo Tremblay
15:35-16:15Yogurt and diabetes: evidence from worldwide cohortsFrank Hu
16:15-16:30Discussion on mechanisms of actionAndré Marette
16:30-16:40Question and answer period

Register now and Stay tuned on @yogurtnutrition to get the latest information about this event.

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