Christopher CIFELLI, USA

portrait C.Cifelli

Christopher CIFELLI
PhD Director of Nutrition Research at the Dairy Research Institute, USA

Christopher J. CIFELLI, PhD currently serves as a Director of Nutrition Research at the Dairy Research Institute.

In this position, Dr. Cifelli directs dairy-centric research in two platforms, the Cardiometabolic Health platform, as well as the Digestive Health platform. In his role, Dr. Cifelli is responsible for the strategic planning, development, and management of both research programs as well as working to effectively communicate research findings to both internal and external scientific and lay audiences.

Dr. Cifelli obtained both his BS degree in Biology and his PhD degree in Nutritional Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University, where his graduate work focused on understanding how vitamin A status and inflammation affected retinoic acid metabolism. Additionally, mathematical modeling was utilized to study the effects of retinoic acid supplementation on whole-body vitamin A kinetics.

During his postdoctorate work at Penn State, he examined vitamin A kinetics, storage and disposal rates in adults from different ethnic backgrounds. In his current role at the National Dairy Council, Dr. Cifelli is involved in the development, design, initiation, management and communication of research projects on the health benefits associated with adequate dairy consumption, including those studies examining the effects of vitamins and minerals found in dairy on bone density, weight maintenance, and metabolic health.

Dr. Cifelli has authored or co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, reviews and abstracts and he is an active member of numerous scientific organizations, including the American Society for Nutrition and the Obesity Society”.

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