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Why are yogurt lovers in Italy healthier?

Why are yogurt lovers in Italy healthier?

Recent research in Quebec and France highlighted that yogurt consumption has been more commonly adopted by people with a healthier diet and lifestyle. Do we observe this healthy habit in other continents and countries?

90 g per day

This is concordant with recent data, demonstrating that diet quality is improved in Italian yogurt consumers.  This cross-sectional survey was carried out on a sample of households, randomly selected after geographical stratification of the national territory. The sample involved 2.798 subjects, aged 18–97 years. Yogurt intake was assessed using a 3-day dietary record and compared with dietary patterns and behavioral factors.  636 subjects (22.7%) consumed yogurt on a regular basis, with an average intake of 90.4 g/day. Sociodemographics, smoking and alcohol habits, physical activity, dieting, out-of-home eating, interest for nutrition information, were obtained also from self-administered questionnaires.

Yogurt consumers have a healthier lifestyle

Results showed that yogurt consumption can drive healthier behaviours compared with no consumption. Higher intake of yogurt was reported with subjects, characterized by higher levels of education, who practiced ≥2 hours/week of sporting activities, have a good knowledge of the food-health relationship and are familiar with reading food labels. Current research shows that yogurt consumption can also be viewed as a marker of healthier behaviours, compared to non-consumers. However, the authors concluded that further analysis on the dietary and nutritional profile of yogurt consumers are needed, in order to examine more in-depth the role of yogurt in the Italian diet.

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Reference: D’Addezio, Laura et al.  Journal: Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 2015, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 119-129.

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