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Whole milk yogurt associated with a reduction in abdominal obesity

Whole milk yogurt associated with a reduction in abdominal obesity

Despite data suggesting an inverse relationship between the consumption of yogurt and obesity, a cause and effect relationship has not been established to date. This prospective study reports that the consumption of whole milk yogurt is associated with beneficial changes in terms of waist circumference.

Low-fat versus whole-fat

No less than 4545 individuals at high risk of cardiovascular disease were studied in this PREDIMED study. Consumption of yogurt was evaluated using the food frequency questionnaire by separating whole-fat from low-fat yogurt. The rate of reversion of abdominal obesity was evaluated based on yogurt consumption quintiles.

Diminished risk of abdominal obesity

No significant association with abdominal obesity reversion (measured by a decrease in waist circumference) was found for overall yogurt consumption, but it was for whole milk yogurt. The probability of seeing a decrease in abdominal obesity is also significantly higher where whole milk yogurt is consumed, which makes this type of yogurt a good choice for individuals with a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease.

Source: “Yogurt consumption and abdominal obesity reversion in the PREDIMED study” by S. Santiago, C. Sayón-Orea, N. Babio, M. Ruiz-Canela, A. Martí, D. Corella, R. Estruch, M. Fitó, M. Aros, E. Ros, E. Gómez-García, M. Fiol, J. Lapetra, Ll Serra-Majem, N. Becerra-Tomás, J. Salas-Salvadó, X. Pinto, H. Schröder, J.A. Martínez ( http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.numecd.2015.11.012.). The article appears in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. Available online 12 December 2015

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