Signature of healthy diet

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Angelo Tremblay, Canada

In the framework of the Danone Chair « YOGURT: A LONG-STANDING FOOD TO HELP RESTRAIN MODERN DISEASE » from the Belgian Danone Health Institute, Prof Angelo Tremblay will present recent data on how regular yogurt consumption may help restrain modern disease. Watch the livestream on Tuesday November, 22nd from 5:30 PM until 6:45 PM!

Angelo Tremblay is a PhD at the Department of Kinesiology at the Laval University in Canada and an expert in obesity research. In the context of diabetes prevention, he will review yogurt as a signature of a healthy diet and lifestyle and a long-standing food to help restrain modern disease.

Recent data suggests that the average yogurt consumer seems to be a more physically active person, less likely a smoker, having a healthier diet… So it seems that yogurt consumption may be considered as a signature of a healthy diet through its nutritional content, impact on metabolic health, including the control of energy balance, body weight and glycemia and its relationships with healthier behaviors and lifestyle factors.

Wanna learn more? You can follow the webinar via livestream on the following link:

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