Yogurt and worldwide habits

The typical Italian yogurt consumer is healthier

The typical Italian yogurt consumer is healthier

This study compared specific dietary and lifestyle habits, in Italian regular yogurt consumers and non-consumers, to investigate the possible associations between yogurt consumption and health parameters.

20 Italian regions

1,992 Italian adults were randomly recruited by 200 general practitioners (GP) in 20 Italian regions in 2013 (Liquidi e Zuccheri nella popolazione italiana: liquids and sugars in the Italian population). Food frequency questionnaires, anthropometrics and blood pressure were all measured by GPs.

A young woman, physically active

The typical Italian yogurt consumer (42.4% of the total sample consuming at least 1 yogurt a day) seemed to be a woman, aged<60y, BMI<25, normotensive, physically active, graduated, milk consumer, more aware of nutrition guidelines and taking care of a healthy nutritional practice. This type of yogurt consumer was also younger and had significantly smaller weight and BMI and systolic blood pressure, compared to non-consumers.

These results confirm the positive association between yogurt consumption and a healthy lifestyle. It also substantiate the association between yogurt intake and weight management and lower blood pressure in the Italian population.

Source: Marangoni F et al. 12th European Nutrition Conference 2015 Ann Nutr Metab 2015; 67(suppl 1) p 161

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