Key Publications ASN Nutrition 2019

Sustainable diets: the symposium’s leaflet

YINI - Sustainable diets - download our dedicated leaflet

Which diets are the most sustainable? How is sustainability measured? Are dairy & yogurt part of sustainable diets? Those are some of the questions that Elin Röös (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Adam Drewnowsksi (University of Washington) and Frans Kok (Wageningen University, the Netherlands) have adressed on the YINI Symposium organized on Monday 10th of June, during Nutrition 2019, in Baltimore, USA.

Sustainable diets: a synthesis document to download

For the symposium, a dedicated document was produced.

We invite you to download it below… You will find enclosed :

  • the short biography and abstract of each speaker
  • a documented Q&A about “Eating to protect our health and our planet”
  • A rich list of references and additionnal information and ressources regarding sustainability and sustainable diets.

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