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Sufficient intake of milk, fruit and vegetables during childhood reduces adiposity during adolescence

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The effects of beverage intake patterns on body composition from early childhood into adolescence were assessed in 103 children in the Framingham Children’s Study.

The observation began in 1987 and lasted 12 years. BMI, waist circumference, and skinfolds were measured annually; body fat percentage was measured once at the end of the observation period. Children with the lowest milk intakes in early childhood had 7.4% more body fat in later adolescence than those with higher intakes (30.0% body fat in tertile 1 vs. 22.6% in tertile 3).

Fruit and vegetable juice was similarly protective. Those in the highest tertile of fruit and vegetable juice intake during childhood had an 8.0cm smaller waist circumference at 15-17 years of age, compared with those in the lowest tertile.

These results suggest that adequate intakes of both milk and fruit and vegetable juice may reduce the risk of excess body fat in later childhood and adolescence.

Source: Hasnain SR et al. Child Obes 2014; 10(1) : 42-9.

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