FENS 2019

Save the Date – Can yogurt address malnutrition?

YINI @ FENS 2019 - Can yogurt address malnutrition?

Save the Date

Our next YINI conference about yogurt and its ability to address malnutrition will be organized during FENS2019, in Dublin (Ireland) on October 16th 2019, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Can yogurt address malnutrition?

  • An easily digested fermented milk and nutrient-rich option (Dr Barbara J. Rolls, USA)
  • Yogurt consumption & NCD associated with malnutrition; Overview of epidemiological data (Prof. Angelo Tremblay, Canada)
  • Can Yogurt be a sustainable food choice? (Prof. Frans Kok, the Netherlands)

YINI during FENS 2019 - Save the date and program


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