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Reducing consumption of dairy products could increase the risk of AMD


This prospective study evaluated the impact of a change in dairy product consumption on the incidence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over 15 years among 2,037 adults aged over 49 in the Blue Mountains Eye Study.

AMD was assessed from retinal photographs. Over the 15-year follow-up, there were 352, 268 and 84 incident cases of any, early and late AMD, respectively. After making adjustments for various different confounding factors, a significant linear trend was observed with the decreasing consumption of total dairy foods and the 15-year incidence of late AMD, comparing the lowest vs. highest quintile of intake (OR 2,80).

Over the 15 years, decreased consumption of reduced-fat dairy foods was associated with an increased risk of incident late AMD, comparing the lowest to highest quintile of intake (OR 3,10). Decreasing total dietary intake over the 15 years was also associated with an increased risk of developing incident late AMD. Additional cohort studies are needed to confirm these findings.

Source: Bamini Gopinath et al. British Journal of Nutrition, available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S000711451300408X.

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