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Prof. Richard Atkinson: “ yogurt as a public health benefit for weight management ”

Just before the start of our symposium on the health benefits of yogurt at the FENS 2015, Professor Richard Atkinson agreed to answer questions on his latest works. He talks extensively about his systematic review on yogurt and weight management. Listen to the full interview, read his key messages and let us know your thoughts on Twitter using #yogurt2015.

According to your systematic review, what are the key findings on the benefits of yogurt consumption?

  • There are things that yogurt might potentially do: make a person feel more full and thus eat less at the next meal
  • Yogurt may also alter gut bacteria, which have a role in affecting weight.

How can yogurt contribute to the prevention of obesity and public health worldwide?

  • If you’re doing one thing that’s healthy, that may help do other healthy things
  • Yogurt is known as a health food: people who are care about their health usually eat yogurt. And so if you can be convinced to change your behavior and start eating a healthy food, that may be associated with healthier behaviors: eating more fruit and vegetables, having a walk…
  • Yogurt is an easy, healthy thing to get people to do.

Have a look at the coverage of Prof. Richard Atkinson’s presentation at the FENS 2015 on the health benefits of yogurt consumption

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