FENS 2015 Berlin

Prof. Angelo Tremblay: “yogurt as the signature of a healthy lifestyle”

After he gave his presentation at our symposium on the health benefits of yogurt at the FENS 2015, Professor Angelo Tremblay agreed to answer a few questions on his latest findings. Listen to the full interview, read his key messages and let us know your thoughts on Twitter using #yogurt2015.

How can yogurt be considered as a healthy food?

  • Population studies demonstrate that diet composition of yogurt consumers is characterized by an increased intake of calcium, magnesium, and proteins, which play a critical role in homeostasis.
  • Yogurt consumption favorably impacts appetite control.

According to your research, how can yogurt contribute to diet quality and a healthy lifestyle?

  • Yogurt can be considered as the signature of a healthy lifestyle: life habits of the yogurt consumers may predispose to metabolic health

Have a look at the coverage of Prof. Angelo Tremblay’s presentation at the symposium we organized at the FENS 2015 on the health benefits of yogurt consumption

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