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Potential of dairy products in reducing healthcare costs

healthcare costs and dairy products

Numerous studies show a link between dairy products and a lower risk of chronic metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

However, the consumption of dairy products is often below the recommended intake. An Australian study assessed the impact of this low consumption of dairy products on healthcare costs in Australia and on the Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY), which measures the number of years lost due to ill health.

In the financial year 2010-2012, costs linked to low consumption of dairy products were estimated at USD 1.6 billion, with a loss of 75,012 DALY. The authors concluded that the cost-efficiency of interventions using dairy products to reduce the costs associated with diet-induced diseases should be further developed and assessed.

Source: Doidge JC et al. J Nutr, 2012; 142: 1772-1780.

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