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New must read article “The role of yogurt consumption in the management of type II diabetes”

Yogurt in the management of type 2 diabetes - YINI

IN A NUTSHELL: This review describes, from clinical studies, the effect of the consumption of yogurt on Type II Diabetes. Changes in lifestyle, including diet, is a strategy of preventing and managing the disease. Yogurt is a product of a high nutritional value and a rich source of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals and live ferments. Studies support that the systematic consumption of yogurt enriched with vitamin D, calcium or probiotics can contribute to the prevention of Type II Diabetes.


“Enrichment of yogurt with specific ingredients beneficially affects the management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DMII). As far as the role of yogurt in the management of DMII is concerned, the limited number of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) which have been conducted suggest that daily intake of yogurt enriched with vitamin D and/or calcium as well as probiotics positively influences glycemic regulation and may contribute to more effective control of the disease. It is argued that the various ingredients, which are already contained in the complex matrix of food, such as bioactive peptides, calcium, B-complex vitamins and beneficial microbes, as well as the fact that it can be used as a vehicle for the inclusion of other effective ingredients can have an impact on the metabolic control of diabetic patients. The aim of this review is to present the RCTs which have been conducted in the last decade in patients with DMII in an attempt to highlight the positive effects of yogurt in the management of the disease.”

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