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New evidence of yogurt consumption benefits the metabolic profile


Many epidemiological studies, conducted in the last 10 years, investigated the role of yogurt consumption and the risk of overweight, obesity, or metabolic syndrome development.

To provide an up-to-date picture of the knowledge in this field, a team from the University of Navarra, at Pamplona, in Spain, conducted a systematic review, which highlights several benefits of yogurt consumption for weight gain and metabolic syndrome.

Yogurt and its encouraging results within a half century of research

The Spanish team focused its research on prospective studies published in the past 50 years (from 1966 to June 2016), which examines the association of yogurt consumption and weight gain, the risk of overweight/obesity or a metabolic syndrome development.

The authors found that in general yogurt consumption is associated with a lower increase in waist circumference, risk of overweight /obesity, and lower metabolic syndrome risk. Their conclusion was that yogurt intake as a part of a healthy diet may contribute to a reduction in adiposity indexes and the risk of metabolic syndrome, as consistently suggested by previous prospective cohort studies.

The overall result of this research work showed that yogurt consumption was inversely associated with weight gain and metabolic syndrome development.

To learn more, read the original article.

Source: Sayon-Orea C et al. Advances in Nutrition 2017;8:146S-154S.

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