Fermentation benefits EB 2014, San Diego

Interview with Prof Olivier Goulet – Gut Microbiota & Health: what’s new?

Prof. Olivier Goulet (Hospital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris, France) reminded us of the importance of the advances made in recent years in the analysis of the composition and understanding of the function of intestinal flora.

One of the first points that he particularly stressed dealt with the considerable impact of microbiotic colonisation after birth upon the health of the future adult. The specialist used the term “microbiotical programming” to explain this phenomenon, which can be disrupted in particular by premature birth, Caesarean section or the use of baby formula instead of breast milk.

Numerous recent research projects have also clearly established a link between obesity and the composition and functions of intestinal flora. On this subject, certain studies have suggested a potential role for fermented milk products as well as probiotics and prebiotics in regulating intestinal flora, among the future options that may contribute to the prevention of obesity as well as other pathologies such as inflammatory diseases or allergies.

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