Expert opinion EB 2014, San Diego

Interview Prof. A. Tremblay – Impact of Yogurt on Appetite Control & Body Composition

Yogurt and yogurt rich protein facilitate short-term control of appetite and energy, as presented by Angelo Tremblay, PhD, at the 2nd Global Summit on the Health Effects of Yogurt.

Dr. Tremblay has conducted extensive research related to obesity and particularly satiety. Satiety—with a reduced energy intake—is actually promoted by dairy proteins. Recently, an afternoon snack of greek yogurt, rich in protein, has been shown to reduce hunger, increase fullness. Meanwhile, research shows that lower calcium intake is associated with higher food intake, which has been hypothesized to be an attempt at restoring calcium homeostasis.

Yogurt consumption can facilitate appetite control through replacement of some less healthy foods like carbonated and sweetened beverages low in calcium, by providing essential nutrients such as calcium and protein, and towards the design of satiating yogurt rich in protein or fibers that can have a long-term favorable effect on body weight.

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