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Increased consumption of dairy products is beneficial when dieting

dieting - yogurt

This meta-analysis is based on randomised controlled clinical trials reported between 1960 and 2011. It addresses the relationship between dairy consumption and body composition.

The overall results from 14 eligible studies involving 883 adults show that increasing the intake of dairy products is associated with a significant reduction in weight (- 0.61 kg), fat mass (- 0.72 kg) and waist circumference (- 2.19 cm), and an increase in lean body mass (+ 0.58 kg), compared with lower consumption.

The subgroup analysis, however, reveals that increased consumption of dairy products is especially beneficial when dieting: body weight (- 1.29 kg), fat mass (- 1.11 kg), lean body mass (+ 0.72 kg) and waist circumference (- 2.43 cm) evolve more favorably compared to diets that are low in dairy products.

Source: Abargouei AS et al. International Journal of Obesity 36, 1485-1493 (December 2012) | doi:10.1038/ijo.2011.269

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